Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Why Seeing a Trusted Dentist in Mountain View, CA Can Save Your Life

Why Seeing a Trusted Dentist in Mountain View, CA Can Save Your Life

Experience comes with age; so do various kinds of illnesses and other health concerns. For millions of Americans, in California and all across the nation, heart ailments are the number one killer in the country today. Even in super-healthy, super-wealthy Mountain View, the heart of Silicon Valley, young and fit individuals succumb suddenly and seemingly inexplicably to heart problems.  Athletes as well as the overweight are victims of heart disease – so what can we do to protect ourselves?

Trusted Mountain View, CA dentist Dr. Patrick F. McEvoy explains that, apart from diet, weight and exercise, one of the major contributing factors to cardiovascular disease is oral health – or lack thereof.  Commenting on recent article about the risks of having teeth pulled before heart surgery, Dr. McEvoy said, “It is striking that people with poor cardiovascular condition and poor oral health share many common risk factors, such as smoking, diabetes, diet, and age-related problems.

“These are dangerous combinations in themselves,” he added, “but something that should alert even young, healthy people  - who perhaps view flossing as an option – is that anyone with poor dental health is at higher risk of having bacteria in the bloodstream.  This can cause infections in the heart valve.”

Covering the basics and beyond

As a article explains:

"At issue is what to do with patients who have both dental problems and heart issues. A combination of these two conditions isn't uncommon, explained Dr. Ann Bolger, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, and a spokeswoman for the American Heart Association.

"Given the frequency of risk factors that poor oral health and cardiovascular disease share, such as age, smoking and diabetes, the fact that they overlap is not a surprise," Bolger said.But the combination can be dangerous.

"We know that patients with poor dental health are at higher risk of having bacteria in the bloodstream, which can cause infections in the heart valve," Grim explained."

By visiting a dentist regularly, the patient will be given preventive treatments to reduce the risk of dangerous bacterial infections, such as general cleaning, teeth and gum disease examinations, diagnostic x-rays, and even oral cancer evaluations.

Serious dental cases require immediate attention to prevent the spread of infection and alleviate pain that affects the quality of life, work and health. Such cases might include dental cavities that have reached the deeper portions of the teeth, or people with missing teeth or failing dentures whose diet has changed because they have trouble chewing food.  Oral health is a keystone of overall health, adds Dr. McEvoy, who advises building a close relationship with a trusted dentist as a fundamental part of your overall health strategy.

Failing to pay attention to oral hygiene may pose serious threats to your health, especially if you are already suffering from cardiovascular diseases or if there is a tendency to this risk in your family. For Silicon Valley residents, it’s an easy matter to have regular checkups with a trusted dentist in Mountain View, CA. Your dental care team can quickly identify whether you are at risk, what preventive steps you can take, and, possibly, even save your life.

A diplomat and accredited member of multiple professional associations, and one of the pioneers of dental implants and Cerex restorative technology in California, Dr. McEvoy has built his practice as a dentist in Mountain View, CA over more than 20 years.

(Source: “Getting teeth pulled before heart surgery may pose serious risks,”, February 27, 2014)