Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stop Sneaky Teeth Stainers: Visit your Mountain View CA Dentist

Who wouldn’t want a set of sparkling white teeth? Online beauty resource notes that beauty starts with a great smile:

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then teeth must be the welcome mat. While that may not be an appetizing analogy, it might help explain why it’s all too easy to end up with a dingy yellow smile. Just as you’d take off muddy boots before stepping on a white carpet, you should avoid the foods that can stain your pristine teeth.

All too often, our best efforts to keep teeth white are canceled out because of the many things we eat, drink, do or don’t do that result in a dingy yellow smile instead. To maintain whiter teeth, there are certain teeth-sullying substances it’s wise to indulge in less frequently, or avoid before a special event. But, if you don’t want to deprive yourself all the foods and activities listed below, a regular maintenance schedule with a skilled dentist from Mountain View, CA (or reputable dental offices in your area) will keep your smile bright.

Here are some of the surprising ways our teeth can lose their sparkle:

White wine – You might think that white wine is a better, non-staining alternative than its red counterpart, right? Wrong. White wine is actually a lot more acidic than red wine. The acid in the wine breaks down the enamel and makes teeth much more susceptible to absorbing color from other foods and drinks. Taking a sip and eating food like berries puts you at significant risk of ending up with stained teeth.

Tomato sauce – Bad news for spaghetti-lovers: rich tomato sauces stain your teeth as deeply as an accidental spill will stain your clothes. Tomato sauce itself is highly acidic, and its color can easily attach to the teeth with as much strength as soy sauce.

Blueberries – Sure, they’re packed with nutrients and antioxidants that your body needs, but their deep blue color means that they are also packed with stain-causing substances.

Swimming – Swimming in chlorine-laden water is a surprising teeth-staining activity, although well-known to dentists like Dr. Patrick McEvoy, a Mountain View cosmetic dentist who regularly helps his swim-loving patients the more likely you are to be susceptible to “swimmer’s calculus,” a condition characterized by accumulating dark brown spots caused by tartar build-up, which is caused by the high pH balance of pool water chemicals.

These are some of the worst, and least obvious teeth-staining culprits, but who wants to live without tomato sauce, blueberries, white wine or a dip in the pool? Instead, make sure you maintain your glowing smile by visiting a professional dentist like Mountain View, CA-based Dr. Patrick McEvoy and keeping to a regular schedule of upkeep.

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