Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Want to Look Younger? Visit your Local Cosmetic Dentist

Most people these days gauge physical beauty almost solely by the glow of the skin but the other big factor is an attractive, healthy smile. That is why in the age of advanced dental technology, many people don’t hesitate to look to the services of a professional cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Patrick F. McEvoy, a renowned Mountain View practitioner known for his commitment to bringing the most advanced techniques and technologies to his patients.

A Gauge of Age

Maintaining healthy teeth and a youthful smile have become an integral part of many people’s regular beauty routine – after all, you’ve never seen a Hollywood star with a mouth full of misshapen, yellow teeth (unless they are playing the villain). As April Neale’s article on explains:

When it comes to cosmetic anti-aging strategies, we tend to obsess about our facial skin and forget that other gauge of age – our smile. Happily, tooth youth-robbers like discoloration, chips, wear, and more can be a lot easier and far less painful to reverse than age-related damage to the skin.

Looking much more youthful starts with a simple gesture—smiling. It’s hard to feel confident about smiling if you are worried that your teeth aren’t ready for a close-up, but if you flash a smile that dazzles all the more because of a beautiful set of white teeth, you’ll be smiling far more often. Here are a few reasons why people should smile more:

Smiling makes for a pleasant mood – The perception of youthfulness isn’t simply defined by the number of wrinkles, furrows or lines on anyone’s face, but rather how that person projects his or her own disposition. Smiling signals to the brain that all is well outside, resulting in an overall mood uplift that’s reflected on the face, and creating a chain reaction of feeling better and looking more appealing to others – all the more reason to keep on smiling! . A smile has a natural facelift effect, lifting the features and animating the expression. We perceive people who smile often to be at least three years younger than people of the same age who look … unamused.

Smiling effectively lowers stress levels – Smiling helps to deflate feelings of pressure, inner tension and anxiety. When you smile, you are telling your body that you’re feeling happy, even if you actually aren’t, yet. This helps slow down your breathing and heart rate. So the next time you feel burnt out, take a few deep breaths and smile. Smiling promotes longevity – The benefits of smiling go beyond looks. Recent studies show that people who smile more tend to live around seven years longer than those with grimmer views of life, or those who keep their happy feelings locked inside them. . When you smile, you release stress, which reduces strain on the heart

One of the biggest perks of smiling is that it contributes to your long-term health.. But first, you need to resolve one thing: are you confident enough to flash what hides beneath the smile? If not, you can turn to professional cosmetic dentistry in Mountain View or in locations near you. You don’t need to aspire for the red carpet smile once exclusive to Hollywood stars; you only need to maintain a healthy set of unsullied and clean white teeth through good oral habits and regular dental visits.

(Source: How to take Ten years off your face at the Dentist’s Office,, July 16, 2014)

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